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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Synthesis and biological effects evaluation of benzoconduritols C and D from oxabenzonorbornadieneKelebekli, Latif; Yilmaz, Fatma Zehra; Col Ayvaz, Melek; Sahin, Ertan; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0002-6242-2589
2022Role of Inhibitor SMADs in Stage 3 Grade B periodontitis before and after periodontal treatmentCelen, Selman; Dede, Figen Ongoz; Avsar, Candeger; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0003-2983-8758
2021Maintaining the postharvest quality and bioactive compounds of jujube (Ziziphus jujuba Mill. Cv. 'Li') fruit by applying 1-methylcyclopropeneOzturk, Burhan; Yildiz, Muhammed; Yildiz, Kenan; Gun, Sefa; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0002-0867-3942
2021Determination of START triage skill and knowledge levels of Prehospital Emergency Medical Staff: A cross sectional studyAslan, Ramazan; Sahinoz, Saime; Sahinoz, Turgut; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0002-5602-6379
2021A study on Hermite-Hadamard-type inequalities via new fractional conformable integralsSet, Erhan; Gozpinar, Abdurrahman; Butt, Saad Ihsan; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0001-7192-8269; 0000-0003-1364-5396
2021Expression level of the angiotensin 2 (ACE2) gene in patients with COVID-19Dirican, Ebubekir; Aydin, Ismail Erkan; Savrun, Seyda; Ordu Üniversitesi
2021YouTube as a Source of Information for Craniofacial Distraction OsteogenesisCoban, Gokhan; Buyuk, Suleyman Kutalmis; Ordu Üniversitesi
2021Bullying in individuals with cleft lip and palate: A Twitter analysisKorkmaz, Yasemin Nur; Arslan, Semiha; Buyuk, Suleyman Kutalmis; Ordu Üniversitesi
2013Stereoselective Synthesis of Tricyclo[,7)]dodecane-3,6,9,10-tetrol via Selective Reduction of ,-Unsaturated 1,4-DIKetoneKelebekli, Latif; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0002-6242-2589
2013Effect of Aminoethoxyvinylglycine and Methyl Jasmonate on Individual Phenolics and Post-harvest Fruit Quality of Three Different Japanese Plums (Prunus salicina Lindell)Ozturk, Burhan; Kucuker, Emine; Karaman, Sedat; Yildiz, Kenan; Kilic, Kemal; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0002-0867-3942; 0000-0002-0867-3942; 0000-0003-3455-5146