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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A Comparison of Some Random Regression Models for First Lactation Test Day Milk Yields in Jersey Cows and Estimating of Genetic ParametersAbaci, Samet Hasan; Cankaya, Soner; Takma, Cigdem; Ulker, Mehmet; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0001-8056-1892
2018ASSESSMENT OF MENTAL HEALTH OF CARERS ACCORDING TO PATIENT STAGE OF IDIOPATHIC PARKINSON'S DISEASECankaya, Soner; Enginyurt, Ozgur; Olgun Yazar, Hulya; Yancar Demir, Esra; Yazar, Tamer; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0002-5966-9126; 0000-0003-2768-6092
2018Acute renal involvement in organophosphate poisoning: histological and immunochemical investigationsAslan, Ali; Bas, Orhan; Cankaya, Soner; Hanci, Hatice; Kaya, Yasemin; Nalbant, Ismail; Odaci, Ersan; Uydu, Huseyin Avni; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0001-7360-8090; 0000-0001-8056-1892; 0000-0002-8715-9932; 0000-0002-9674-5618
2016Violence towards women is a public health problemCakir, Lutfullah; Cankaya, Soner; Enginyurt, Ozgur; Iscanli, M. Dogan; Ozer, Erdal; Ozer, Filiz; Tetikcok, Ramazan; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0001-8056-1892; 0000-0002-2272-0100; 0000-0002-5966-9126
2016Nasopharyngeal carriage rates of streptococcus pneumoniae and changes after conjugate pneumococcal vaccine.Cankaya, Soner; Cetinkol, Yeliz; Enginyurt, Ozgur; Korkmaz, Hakan; Korkmaz, Mukadder; Yildirim, Arzu Altuncekic; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0001-8056-1892; 0000-0002-0988-4354; 0000-0002-5966-9126; 0000-0003-1141-9838; 0000-0003-4271-3140; 0000-0003-4940-4498
2016Relationship between organisational commitment and burnout syndrome: a canonical correlation approachAksay, Kadir; Bas, Orhan; Cankaya, Soner; Enginyurt, Ozgur; Koc, Bozkurt; Ozer, Erdal; Tunc, Taner; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0001-8056-1892; 0000-0002-5966-9126; 0000-0002-7449-2699
2014Evaluation of suicide cases in Turkey, 2007-2012Cankaya, Soner; Demir, Esra Yancar; Enginyurt, Ozgur; Gumus, Burak; Ozer, Erdal; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0001-8056-1892; 0000-0002-5966-9126; 0000-0002-9639-6649
2018Local application of tranexamic acid affects tendon healing negatively in the late periodBas, Orhan; Cankaya, Soner; Cirakli, Alper; Erdem, Havva; Gurgor, Pinar Naile; Uzun, Erdal; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0001-8056-1892; 0000-0002-3074-0240
2020Association of Connexin 32 with Prostate Volume and PSA Level in Prostatic Adenocarcinoma and Adenomyomatous HyperplasiaBenli, Erdal; Cankaya, Soner; Cirakoglu, Abdullah; Erdem, Havva; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0001-8485-1424; 0000-0002-3074-0240; 0000-0002-8602-5836
2015Context Sensitive Links 1 of 1 Evaluation of the Association of Sleep Apnea-Related Systemic Inflammation with CRP, ESR, and Neutrophil-to-Lymphocyte RatioAyyildiz, Sema Nur; Cankaya, Soner; Korkmaz, Hakan; Korkmaz, Mukadder; Kucuker, Fatma; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0001-8056-1892; 0000-0002-0988-4354; 0000-0003-4271-3140