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dc.contributor.authorUluç, Güliz
dc.contributor.authorYılmaz, Mehmet
dc.identifier.citationULUÇ Güliz ve YILMAZ Mehmet, “Representation of Loss of Justice From The Perspective of Modernism: An Example of Tv Serial “Kurtlar Vadisi- ‘The Valley of Wolves”, 4th International Symposium Communication in the Millennium, University of Texas at Austin- Anadolu University- İstanbul University, June 14-16, (ss. 332-343), Eskişehir, Anadolu University Pub., 2006.tr_TR
dc.description.abstractTraditional application places which have been considered as the pursuer of justice for so long have disappeared along with the destruction of the magic of the world and multiple identities displaced by modernism have turned upside down the ground of a social concensus related to justice. Under these circumstances, justice could hardly be reversed to self- interest domains. “The loss of justice”, which reaches to a deeper extend day by day appears within the tension created by the modernism process. One of the cosequences of this chaotic ambiance experiencing the loss of justice is an event reinforced by these circumstances. It shouldn’t be forgotten that one of the basic functions of TV is to form a representative, virtualized world. If elements of the serial (series of events, characters, actions, forms of communication,etc.) that are the subject of the current criticism are not the representation of what there is in society, they cause audience to think it that way. As it has been explained in detail in the related part of the serial, the tilting of the pointer which constitutes the axels of critics towards the elements which have the potential of making the loss of justice ordinary contributes to the concentration of the pessimistic atmosphere. We should change the world gradually without letting ourselves seized by such as wind of hopelessness. Small acts of sacrifice should follow one another. Millions of these acts must come together, creating a real difference in the world. Although the world is not fair, we should not give up doing the best we can. The more fair we are, the more fair the world will be.tr_TR
dc.publisherAnadolu Üniversitesitr_TR
dc.titleRepresentation of Loss of Justice From The Perspective of Modernism: An Example of Tv Serial “Kurtlar Vadisi- ‘The Valley of Wolvestr_TR
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