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Title: Rationale, Design, and Methodology of the MORCOR-TURK Trial: Predictors of In-hospital MORtality in CORonary Care Patients in Turkey
Authors: Kahraman, Fatih
Ersoy, Ibrahim
Yilmaz, Ahmet Seyda
Atici, Adem
Tekin, Alpin Mert
Acar, Burak
Kaya, Caglar
Kara, Faruk
Kurt, Feyza
Demir, Fulya Avci
Cerik, Idris Bugra
Yilmaz, Ishak
Adali, Mehmet Koray
Yeni, Mehtap
Tascanov, Mustafa Begenc
Yenercag, Mustafa
Sahin, Mursel
Duz, Ramazan
Gulasti, Sevil
Omur, Sefa Erdi
Topuz, Sahin
Hidayet, Siho
Kacmaz, Yucel
Aygul, Nazif
Ordu Üniversitesi
Keywords: Cardiovascular mortality, coronary care unit, in-hospital mortality, mortality predictors, mortality scoring system
Issue Date: 2023
Citation: Kahraman, F., Ersoy, I., Yilmaz, AS., Atici, A., Tekin, AM., Açar, B., Kaya, C., Kara, F., Kurt, F., Demir, FA., Çerik, IB., Yilmaz, I., Adali, MK., Yeni, M., Tascanov, MB., Yenerçag, M., Sahin, M., Düz, R., Gülasti, S., Ömür, SE., Topuz, S., Hidayet, S., Kaçmaz, Y., Aygül, N. (2023). Rationale, Design, and Methodology of the MORCOR-TURK Trial: Predictors of In-hospital MORtality in CORonary Care Patients in Turkey. Anat. J. Cardiol., 27(5), 258-+.
Abstract: Background: Coronary care units are sophisticated clinics established to reduce deaths due to acute cardiovascular events. Current data on coronary care unit mortality rates and predictors of mortality in Turkey are very limited. The MORtality predictors in CORonary care units in TURKey (MORCOR-TURK) trial was designed to provide information on the mortality rates and predictors in patients followed in coronary care units in Turkey. Methods: The MORCOR-TURK trial will be a national, observational, multicenter, and noninterventional study conducted in Turkey. The study population will include coronary care unit patients from 50 centers selected from all regions in Turkey. All consecutive patients admitted to coronary care units with cardiovascular diagnoses between 1 and 30 September 2022 will be prospectively enrolled. All data will be collected at one point in time, and the current clinical practice will be evaluated ( number NCT05296694). In the first step of the study, admission diagnoses, demographic characteristics, basic clinical and laboratory data, and in-hospital management will be assessed. At the end of the first step, the predictors and rates of in-hospital mortality will be documented. The second step will be in cohort design, and discharged patients will be followed up till 1 year. Predictors of short- and long-term mortality will be assessed. Moreover, a new coronary care unit mortality score will be generated with data acquired from this cohort. Results: The short-term outcomes of the study are planned to be shared by early 2023. Conclusion: The MORCOR-TURK trial will be the largest and most comprehensive study in Turkey evaluating the rates and predictors of in-hospital mortality of patients admitted to coronary care units.
Description: WoS Categories: Cardiac & Cardiovascular Systems
Web of Science Index: Science Citation Index Expanded (SCI-EXPANDED)
Research Areas: Cardiovascular System & Cardiology
ISSN: 2149-2263
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