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Title: Monitoring and modelling of long-term radiofrequency electromagnetic field levels
Authors: Kurnaz, Cetin
Mutlu, Mustafa
Ordu Üniversitesi
Radiofrequency electromagnetic field; Long-term Radiofrequency electromagnetic field measurement; Base stations; ICNIRP
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: Kurnaz, C., Mutlu, M. (2021). Monitoring and modelling of long-term radiofrequency electromagnetic field levels. Journal of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of Gazi University, 36(2), 669-683.Doi:10.17341/gazimmfd.641287
Abstract: In this study, in order to determine the radiofrequency electromagnetic field (RF-EMF) level exposed in the home environment and to model its change, 24-hour RF-EMF measurements were performed in the frequency range of 100 kHz to 3 GHz. In measurements, the highest RF-EMF value was recorded as 17.31 V/m, which is below the limit values determined by ICNIRP and BTK. In measurement locations that are in line of sight with the base stations, the RF-EMF value changes according to the measurement time. The RFEMF value measured in the afternoon is about 32% higher than at night. Statistical analysis of data showed that the long-term RF-EMF can be best expressed by Burr distribution. Unlike the studies in the literature, the change of RF-EMF during the day was examined and a new mathematical model was proposed. With the proposed model, the change of 24-hour RF-EMF during the day in the home environment can be determined with accuracy of up to 95% without the need for measurement using only 6-hour RF-EMF value.
Description: WoS Categories : Engineering, Multidisciplinary Web of Science Index : Science Citation Index Expanded (SCI-EXPANDED) Research Areas : Engineering Open Access Designations : gold, Green Submitted
ISBN: 1300-1884
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