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dc.contributor.authorBas, Orhan-
dc.contributor.authorSonmez, Osman Fikret-
dc.contributor.authorAslan, Ali-
dc.contributor.authorIkinci, Ayse-
dc.contributor.authorHanci, Hatice-
dc.contributor.authorYildirim, Mehmet-
dc.contributor.authorKaya, Haydar-
dc.contributor.authorAkca, Metehan-
dc.contributor.authorOdaci, Ersan-
dc.description.abstractThe number of studies reporting that the electromagnetic field (EMF) emitted by mobile phones affects human health is increasing by the day. In previous studies we reported that a 900 megahertz (MHz) EMF applied throughout the prenatal period reduced the number of pyramidal cells in the cornu ammonis of rat pups in the postnatal period. In this study we investigated the effect of a 900 MHz EMF applied on days 13-21 of the prenatal period on the number of pyramidal cells in the cornu ammonis of rat pups in the postnatal period. For that purpose, pregnant rats were divided into experimental and control groups. Experimental group pregnant rats were exposed to the effect of a 900 MHz EMF on days 13-21 of pregnancy. No procedure was applied to the control group. Newborn female rat pups were added to the study, and no procedure was performed on these after birth. Five newborn female rats were obtained from the experimental group and six from the control group. All female rat pups were decapitated on the postnatal 32nd day, and histological procedures were performed on the brain tissues. Sections were stained with Cresyl fast violet. The optical dissector technique was used to estimate the total number of pyramidal cells in the cornu ammonis. Sections of cornu ammonis were subjected to histopathological evaluations. Our results showed that exposure to 900 MHz EMF during prenatal days 13-21 led to a significant decrease in the number of pyramidal cells in the cornu ammonis of the experimental group female rat pups (P<0.05). Histopathological examination revealed picnotic cells in the cornu ammonis in experimental female rat pups. The pyramidal cell loss in the cornu ammonis may therefore be attributed to exposure to 900 MHz EMF in days 13-21 of the prenatal period.en_US
dc.publisherANKA PUBLISHER116-11 SOK NO.10 K 2 D 2, BORNOVA, IZMIR 35050, TURKEYen_US
dc.subjectpyramidal cell cornu ammonis newborn female rats electromagnetic field stereologyen_US
dc.titlePyramidal Cell Loss in the Cornu Ammonis of 32-day-old Female Rats Following Exposure to a 900 Megahertz Electromagnetic Field During Prenatal Days 13-21en_US
dc.contributor.departmentOrdu Üniversitesien_US
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