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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Effect of ultrasonic and Nd: Yag laser activation on irrigants on the push-out bond strength of fiber post to the root canalFundaoglu Kucukekenci, Funda; Kucukekenci, Ahmet Serkan;;
Sep-2018Effects of an Antioxidant on the Shear Bond Strengths of Orthodontic Brackets After Conventional and Laser-Assisted Extra-Coronal BleachingKucukekenci, Funda Fundaoglu; Kucukekenci, Ahmet Serkan; Buyuk, Suleyman Kutalmis; 0000-0001-6628-0939; 0000-0003-3269-8610
Mar-2018Effects of different etching methods and bonding procedures on shear bond strength of orthodontic metal brackets applied to different CAD/CAM ceramic materialsBuyuk, S. Kutalmis; Kucukekenci, Ahmet Serkan; 0000-0001-6628-0939; 0000-0003-3269-8610
Sep-2019Evaluation of Shear Bond Strength Between Orthodontic Brackets and Three Aged Bulk Fill CompositesCezairli, Neslihan Seyhan; Kucukekenci, Ahmet Serkan; Basoglu, Hande
Apr-2019Evaluation of the preventive efficacy of three dentin tubule occlusion methods against discoloration caused by triple-antibiotic pasteKucukekenci, Funda Fundaoglu; Kucukekenci, Ahmet Serkan; Cakici, Fatih; 0000-0001-6628-0939; 0000-0002-8147-2661
Jan-2019Spectrophotometric analysis of discoloration and internal bleaching after use of different antibiotic pastesKucukekenci, Funda Fundaoglu; Cakici, Fatih; Kucukekenci, Ahmet Serkan;;
Jul-2019The effect of layer thickness on the porcelain bond strength of laser-sintered metal frameworksKaleli, Necati; Ural, Cagri; Kucukekenci, Ahmet Serkan;;
May-2019The effects of universal adhesive and innovative fabrication techniques of metal-ceramic restorations on repair strength of porcelain fracture with metal exposureTulga, Ayca; Kucukekenci, Ahmet Serkan; 0000-0001-6628-0939; 0000-0002-0357-0995