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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018An alternative DNA extraction method for detection of Blastocystis spp. in human fecal samplesCalgin, Mustafa Kerem; Gureser, Ayse Semra; Karasartova, Djursun; Ruh, Emrah; Tasci, Leyla; Taylan-Ozkan, Aysegul; Turegun-Atasoy, Buse; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0001-8421-3625; 0000-0003-4236-6177
2016Are Commercial Systems Used for the Identification of Yeasts Enough Alone?: A Case ReportAltuncekic-Yildirim, Arzu; Atalay, Mustafa Altay; Calgin, Mustafa Kerem; Cetinkol, Yeliz; Koc, Ayse Nedret; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0003-1141-9838; 0000-0003-4236-6177; 0000-0003-4940-4498
2018Circulating Glucose-Regulated Protein 78 Levels in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis B InfectionAltuncekic Yildirim, Arzu; Calgin, Mustafa Kerem; Cetinkol, Yeliz; Cirrik, Selma; Noyan, Tevfik; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0001-8474-0185; 0000-0002-7733-0177; 0000-0003-1141-9838; 0000-0003-4236-6177; 0000-0003-4940-4498
2018Distribution and antifungal susceptibility patterns of Candida species at a university hospital in Northern TurkeyCalgin, Mustafa Kerem; Cetinkol, Yeliz; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0003-4236-6177; 0000-0003-4940-4498
2016Does Leaving the Biopsy Needle in Povidone-Iodine Solution Reduce Infective Complications after Biopsy?Ayyildiz, Ali; Benli, Erdal; Calgin, Mustafa Kerem; Cetinkol, Yeliz; Cirakoglu, Abdullah; Ogreden, Ercan; Yuce, Ahmet; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0001-8485-1424; 0000-0002-3779-740X; 0000-0002-8602-5836; 0000-0003-3724-2516; 0000-0003-4236-6177; 0000-0003-4940-4498
2020Evaluation of Serum CTNN beta(1) and E-cadherin Levels in Hepatitis PatientsCalgin, Mustafa Kerem; Cetinkol, Yeliz; Cirrik, Selma; Noyan, Tevfik; Sahin, Arzu; Taspinar, Numan; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0001-8474-0185; 0000-0002-7733-0177; 0000-0003-4236-6177; 0000-0003-4940-4498
2016Evaluation of the Efficacy of Colistin/Sulbactam Combination on Carbapenem-Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii StrainsAltuncekic Yildirim, Arzu; Calgin, Mustafa Kerem; Cetinkol, Yeliz; Telli, Murat; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0003-1141-9838; 0000-0003-4236-6177; 0000-0003-4940-4498
2016A New Method for The Disruption of Cell Walls of Gram-Positive Bacteria and Mycobacteria On The Point of Nucleic Acid Extraction: Sand MethodAkhter, Shameem; Calgin, M. Kerem; Karasartova, Djursun; Kiyan, Mehmet; Sahin, Fikret; Turegun Atasoy, Buse; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0002-6748-2070; 0000-0003-4236-6177
2017The Seroprevalence of Antibodies to Toxoplasma Gondii Among Children with AutismCalgin, Mustafa Kerem; Cetinkol, Yeliz; Dagli, Abdullah; Demir, Esra Yancar; Erdil, Abdullah; Erturk, Emine Yurdakul; Esnafoglu, Erman; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0001-5366-647X; 0000-0001-8685-1153; 0000-0002-9639-6649; 0000-0003-4236-6177; 0000-0003-4940-4498
2020Time-dependent surgical instrument contamination begins earlier in the uncovered table than in the covered tableCalgin, Mustafa Kerem; Cirakli, Alper; Kizkapan, Emine Eylul; Misir, Abdulhamit; Ozcamdalli, Mustafa; Uzun, Erdal; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0002-5270-1429; 0000-0003-4236-6177