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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Effect of COVID-19 pandemic on anxiety depression and intention to go to hospital in chronic patientsKaya, Yasemin; Bostan, Sedat; Kaya, Ahmet; Karaman, Omer; Karatas, Ahmet; Dereli, Seckin; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0001-7360-8090
2020The Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Turkish SocietyBostan, Sedat; Erdem, Ramazan; Ozturk, Yunus Emre; Kilic, Taskin; Yilmaz, Ali; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0003-1978-9518; 0000-0003-2127-2622; 0000-0001-6951-3814; 0000-0002-6178-6129
2021Effect of precautionary and normalization steps on course of COVID-19 pandemic in TurkeyBostan, Sedat; Agac, Gokhan; Sahinoz, Saime; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0002-4753-4689
2020The Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Functioning of Neurosurgery Clinics and the Anxiety Levels of Neurosurgeons in TurkeyBostan, Sedat; Isik, Hasan Serdar; Karakoyun, Durmus Oguz; Yilmaz, Ali; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0001-5378-4409
2020The Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic on Syrian Refugees in Turkey: The Case of KilisBudak, Fatih; Bostan, Sedat; Ordu Üniversitesi
2023The Effects of Demographic, Training, and Specialization Differences of Physicians in COVID-19 Treatment in TurkeyOzbilen, Muhammet; Bostan, Sedat; Kaya, Ahmet; Kaya, Yasemin; Kurt, Celali; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0003-4419-4508; 0000-0001-6052-7486; 0000-0001-9845-7938
2023Evaluating scientific research barriers by gender and other characteristics from the perspective of ophthalmologists in Turkey: A multicenter survey studyErdem, Burak; Obut, Abdulkadir; Kay, Mehmet; Gok, Mustafa; Bostan, Sedat; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0002-8889-6096
2023An Evaluation of Cesarean Delivery Rates According to Robson Classification in the Black Sea Region of TurkeyKeskin, Seda; Keskin, Deha Denizhan; Bostan, Sedat; Ordu Üniversitesi
2021The evolution of the changes in the clinical course: a multicenter survey-related impression of the ophthalmologists at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in TurkeyErdem, Burak; Gok, Mustafa; Bostan, Sedat; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0002-8889-6096
2022Mental disorders among pregnant women during the COVID-19 pandemic. A cross-sectional studyKeskin, Deha Denizhan; Keskin, Seda; Bostan, Sedat; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0002-5640-4552; 0000-0002-6108-7619
2023A significant predictor of in-hospital and long-term mortality and progression in COVID-19 patients: The end-stage liver disease (MELD) score modelKaya, Yasemin; Gulcu, Oktay; Aksakal, Emrah; Kalkan, Kamuran; Aydin, Sidar S.; Kaya, Ahmet; Bostan, Sedat; Ordu Üniversitesi; 0000-0002-8204-1505; 0000-0001-5765-4281; 0000-0001-7360-8090; 0000-0001-9845-7938